10/11 Seattle, WA


Seattle, WA 10/11- 16

Monroe, WA 10/16-22

Dallas, OR 10/22

No pictures, no real info since the last blog on 10/5. Pain, lots of it. Period. No dancing at Fiddle Around in Puddletown. Lots of laying/lying down on the bed trying to keep comfortable (impossible). New meds make me exceedingly nauscious without taking away the pain. Old meds do nothing for the pain. Icing helps to a point. Doctor said my lower spine has twisted in two directions (imagine your hands wringing out a towel), each twist pinching two nerves. I only feel the nerve pain in my left leg (it runs down the inner thigh, then other times the outer thigh, then down the center of the leg) and left lower hip/back area. I try and read and sleep alot. Sitting (like doing this typing) brings back the inflammation and I go back to bed. This is becoming so old. I want it over. I do exercises (face a wall and bring the straight leg back; lay face down on the bed and do leg lifts) which inflame the nerves and I am back in pain. 

Poor Barbara had to put up with my non-visits–manage a triois–she sat on the bed and we had breakfast together. Poor dogs–they want to cuddle and make me feel better and all they do is put pressure on my back or leg. At least Rita is a lighter dog than Lucky.

Poor Chris has to do everything from walk the dogs (feed and pay attention to them) to get ice packs (and feed and make me do my exercises). This may go on for A LONG TIME! My last big back problem lasted over 6 months with physical therapy 3x week.

Done. Back to bed.

5 thoughts on “10/11 Seattle, WA

  1. Joni: You are blessed to have a wonderful, non-complaining husband to help you out! I enjoyed our visits and can’t remember the last time I had breakfast in bed…especially served by someone else’s husband! It was fun just sitting there with you and the dogs and spending a relaxing day talking and visiting. Hope you heal up soon, though, so you can back dancing. Barbara

  2. Joni, you seriously need 3 or 4 deep tissue (moderate) massages!! And then a chiropractor visit. It will be worth it. PT’s fine but you have to address the muscle tension immediately. Perhaps you have done this but did not see it on your blog.
    So sorry for your discomfort. Sending good thoughts for your recovery. Hugs to Chris!

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