3/11 Paso Robles, CA


3/11-3/12 Paso Robles

3/12-3/16 Los Banos, CA (Los Banos Delight square dance weekend)

3/16-3/23 Bakersfield, CA (Bakersfield Fiesta)

3/23-3/31 Temecula/Menifee, CA

3/31- 4/15 Santa Clarita, CA

4/15-4/17 Ventura, CA

4/17-4/20 Paso Robles, CA (Mary turns 90)

4/20-10/8 Heading east, places to be announced

Fridge works great. Plenty of room for everything we need, too much room in the freezer part because I don’t want to stack up on meat. It tastes much better when not frozen. We don’t eat frozen processed foods (like frozen pizza or TV dinners), and we don’t have a need to make ice.

We danced with Cliff Simpson in Cathedral City and Johnny Preston in Nylan (twice) while staying in the Palm Springs area.  We went to see a fellow square dancer, Gar, in the musical A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum and just happened to be sitting behind Cliff and Peggy. Gar played the role that Buster Keaton did in the movie (doddering old man looking for his children who were stolen by pirates). Talking to him after the show he said that he is great at playing drunks and doddering old fools.

On Monday we went to Roy’s Hawaiin Fusion. Periodically they have a great deal that anything on the menu is price fixed, so you can choose any appetizer, main, and dessert for $36.95. When added together our individual selections were more than doubled that. We were convinced to try a dessert different from the chocolate soufflé, a deconstructed key lime pie. We should have stayed with the soufflé.

On Tuesday we joined Terri Sheerer and Ellen King at Lulu’s. My lasagna was good, but I should have gotten Terri’s pork chop. Next time.

I saw my new rheumatologist who said my blood numbers were approaching normal (very good thing) and wanted to check on me again in one year. No signs whatsoever of lupus, so not to worry there. He could not address the pain in my leg (x-rays taken three years ago saw nothing) nor the pain in my knees (old age coming on). Taking off weight will help with the knees. He also didn’t want me walking as much (about 5 miles a day, plus dancing), but since this is the extent of our exercising I don’t want to give it up. Plus it’s five miles in five different walks, at 20-30 minutes a mile (dogs are on their bathroom breaks here so no power walking), 20-40 minutes of walking every 3-4 hours.

Chris finally got his crown replaced and needs to stay away from sticky toffee-like sweets. It looks like a root canal next year for him.

With all of the rain, Lucky’s wet halter rubbed a sore on his driver-side. Literally there is no hair there. We’ve been covering the wound with Neosporin, trying to keep him from scratching at the scab forming. A cone of shame (E-collar) can’t stop this. When we take Rita in for her final Lime booster, Lucky will see the vet to make sure he is healing properly.

Monday Chris was rushing from the bedroom into the living area and his thigh caught the edge of the dining table. Whereas he knew a bruise would form, he was more concerned that his back continued the motion and it got tweaked. He’s been in bed, alternating hot pad with a blue ice block. We did not go to Tinsletown Squares for C3 and C2, and on Tuesday I went alone to Sierra Hillbillies beginner’s class. Class was learning their first Plus calls, with only 29 more to go.

This morning I walked the dogs for their 6 AM bathroom walk and on the way back I passed our rig to a rig three more down. I took the dogs off of their leads and tried to open the coach door. After two more attempts I realized it was locked, then took a good look at the coach, then looked back along the line of coaches and saw ours. With the dogs off leash I made my way back, they stopping at the door of each coach wanting to be let in. They hopped up the steps into our coach and I gave them an extra treat for not just taking off! What would have happened if that first rig’s door wasn’t locked? I would have opened it, the dogs would have rushed in, I would have started in, then realized it wasn’t mine… Oh the scenes going through my head!!!!

At Walmart we found tall square clear plastic canisters that match the peanut canisters. We bought three more (now we have seven) and will be getting rid of the large square Tupperware ones. Tupperware doesn’t have straight sides, so there is much wasted space in the cabinets. Plus the Tupperware is very old (at least 25 years), the lids are cracking, the containers are degrading… My big thing now is to get the labels off. Walmart and Planter’s Peanuts must use cement! I soak, scratch, soak more, use a knife…

We hung the Winnie the Pooh etching in the dining area. I wish there was more room for hanging art in the RV. We have the Snoopy pics in the bedroom, and that’s it for walls.

For those that square dance, I am putting together my list to teach party dances at RV parks. Given anywhere from 1 ½ to 2 hours, these are the calls and the order of teach:

  1. Circle: left, right, ½, ¾, full
  2. Up to the middle and back
  3. Do sa do
  4. Arm turns: right, left
  5. Allemande left (Left allemande)
  6. Swing
  • Rip and snort
  1. Prominade: single file, couples
  2. Grand right and left; Weave the ring
  3. Pass thru
  4. Courtesy turn
  5. Right and left thru
  6. Star: boys, girls, heads/sides, left, right
  7. 2 and 4 ladies chain: ½, ¾
  8. Ladies in, men sashay; rollaway
  9. Grand square

The only reason Rip and Snort is on this list (an old, traditional call dropped from the Callerlab basics) is because it is fun and a way of getting people to listen. Everything else is from the basic list. I wrote over 30 pages of script to teach the calls and patter to reinforce them, then as I began to type this up I started to write other patter. I’m realizing I don’t need to write patter, I can automatically do it in my head. So now I’m just memorizing my call list and going over mentally how I want to make the experience fun.

I need to download other music for patter background. That’s now my next job.

Chris saw his allergist and it was decided that he stay on the Claritin for as long as it works. The allergist suggested that my pain in my right leg (a pain I’ve had forever—30+ years) might be a ligament problem which could be relieved by a chiropractor. A friend of mine (DianaLee) had a coupon for her chiropractor—a savings of a first visit (worth $225). We’re talking a ton of coincidences! So when we’re back in Santa Clarita I will try and see this person.

Up in Paso Robles we took Don and Mary out for Don’s 91st birthday to AJ Spurs. His candle was put into his root beer float. On Tuesday Chris helped them with their taxes while I spent the time making corned beef and cabbage (an early St. Patrick meal) and orange and raspberry sherbert cookies. Today is our last day with them and we went out to breakfast (The Cowgirl) and tonight we will go to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. With all this eating out we have a ton of leftovers, plus our weight is staying up there. Sooner or later it has to be back to salads and lighter faire.

Lucky has been wearing t-shirts to stop him from scratching off his scab. The wound is healing, not oozing as much. He actually looks like a little kid with the shirt on—so cute!

Tomorrow we head off to Los Banos.

2 thoughts on “3/11 Paso Robles, CA

  1. It sounds like my best girl, Rita, is not going to be having any more “Lime Boosters.” What are Lime Boosters and what do they do for her?

    • Lime disease can kill a dog. Infected ticks travel around on host wild animals, so when we travel through mountains there could be chance encounters. One of my nephews is working toward eradicating lime disease.

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