6/21/2015 Indianapolis, IN

6/21-6/25 Indianapolis, IN
6/25-7/6 St. Clare, MI
7/6-8/13 Whereabouts TBA. Traveling through the upper peninsula of Michigan to Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, to Willamina, Oregon.

Future knowns:
8/13-8/17 Willimina, OR (Bob and MaryJane’s wedding anniversary party)
8/17-8/24 Thousand Trails Pacific Beach, OR
8/27-8/31 Circle 8 Ranch, WA (Advance and Challenge square Dancing)
9/8-9/24 Seattle, WA, to see our many friends
9/24-9/28 Dallas, OR (Bob and Lavonne, Bob and MaryJane)
10/2-10/4 PACE NorCal, CA (Square Dance Convention)
10/8-10/12 Porterville, CA (Joey’s wedding)
10/12-10/15 Paso Robles, CA
10/19 Santa Clarita, CA
10/21-10/26 Harvest Hoedown, Yuba City, CA (Square dance festival)
11/8-11/15 Indio, CA RIVCO (Caller school and square dance festival)
11/24-11/27 Paso Robles, CA Thanksgiving with Don and Mary
11/27-11/29 Oxnard, CA PACE Extravaganza (square dancing)

On our drive to Indianapolis we square danced three times in Illinois—and basically the same people each time, so that by the third dance people were chatting with us as if we had joined their club years ago. The first night was mainstream, second was plus, and the Sunday afternoon was with Jerry Story, whom we have danced to many times in California as well on our trek last year across the states. He greeted us with “How’s the travelers doing?” and commented about bad pennies always showing up.

We stayed in a campground on the Illinois River. We were concerned because we heard that the river was rising, it poured with rain each day, and the ground was so saturated that there were deep pools of water everywhere. Each day that we walked the dogs there were less pathways to take because they were under water. That Sunday night Chris had prepped the coach to go and we left at first daylight, didn’t even have breakfast. Two rigs in the park were completely surrounded by water—don’t know how the travelers got in or out without being knee high in muck. Several days later we found out the whole park was flooded by five feet.

I tried the rhubard wine that we bought at the Rhubard Festival, and (when cold) is actually very good. Chris won’t touch anything with certain words in it, and rhubard is one of them, so the whole bottle is mine. At two ounces each time (my maximum—I’m really not into drinking), this bottle will last a long time.

We arrived in Indianapolis, Indiana, without a hitch and stayed at Lake Haven RV Campground. Fourteen other square dancers also stayed here and most of us went to dinner each day together. The best of the restaurants was Shapiros Deli—homemade rye bread piled high with deli meat. The most interesting was Greek Island, which was next to Shapiros Deli. We were split into two tables of seven each, and Chris and I sat at different tables but still managed to share an appetizer. At the end we were given a belly dance show.

We were in Indianapolis for the AACE (Academy of Advanced and Challenge Enthusiasts) convention. Vic Ceder, Barry Clasper, Bronc Wise, Todd Fellegy, Anne Ubelacker, Sandy Bryant, Ross Howell and Ben Rubright were the callers, either switching rooms (Advanced to C4) each half or full hour. There were three squares worth of Trailblazers (our California club) there and on the last night had a group picture taken for the Trailblazer on-line newsletter. Chris and I stayed in the C2 hall all of the time. I did not have a permanent partner for C3A, and I did not want to go back and forth as it would not be fair for either Chris or the partner he secured. It was fun, we were run off our feet, exhausted by the time we went to bed each night. The humidity in this state is at 86% and the air conditioning in the dance halls were not effective.

The dogs were put in a PetSmart Pet Motel, as we would not have been able to leave the square dance to regularly give then potty breaks while dancing. For each dog I had to fill out a sheaf of papers—almost like buying a house. We pick them up today after they are given a bath.

We need to do a laundry before we leave this state and replenish some of our food supplies. They don’t have Sprouts here, but we passed a Fresh Gardens that, from the outside, looks just like one, so we’ll give it a try for bulk foods.

And, to keep track of health issues, here we go. During the second evening of dancing I noticed a film creeping over my left eye. I kept wiping or washing out gunk, but could not see the cause, like an eyelash or piece of grit. I woke up the next morning and my eye could barely open. I went into First Care (they charged $50—of which insurance will pay back $35) to get a prescription for medicated eyedrops, 4-6 times a day. I’m also to press a warm washcloth over the eye for 15 minutes, change washcloths and pillow cases daily, and go back if not better. The drops tend to sting my eye (I was told it has no antihistamine properties in it), the gunk is gone but the eye now itches a bit. Anyway, we’ll see how I am in another six days. Tomorrow I get to call all of my doctors to make future appointments that will be tied into returning to the Santa Clarita Valley between November and April.

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